Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Multimedia Lesson #2

First, I want to say that the new iPad update to Google Blogger is making it SOOO much easier to write this post, right now, than what I was trying to do a week ago. Honestly, I liked the look of the site when I was done, but the awkwardness of the interface pre-update for typing on the iPad was frustrating (I'm typing on a Zagg iPad bluetooth portfolio/keyboard). It was easier to just do it on the laptop. I don't need my iPad to be everything, but when it is, it makes me smile. I'm smiling now.

OK - pretty simple post here, but more amazing iPad usage coupled with good old-fashioned real paper text and using Edmodo. We booked most of our 6th graders for a field trip to downtown Portland to watch the Tears Of Joy Puppet Theater production of the Greek myth Perseus. It will tie in with our social studies curriculum later this year, and honestly, a good lesson in hero archetypes is always welcome, no? So to get the kids ready - and to address the CCSS Reading Standard 6.RL.7 - comparing the experience of reading a story with watching a presentation of the story - we read a couple versions of the Perseus myth in class. Now here's where Edmodo and the multimedia part comes in. I posted copies of the story on Edmodo, along with a version we had not read in class. I also posted PDF Venn diagram that students could fill in comparing and contrasting two versions of the story and submit for credit. AND I posted links to Youtube cartoon versions of the Perseus story because I had a couple students who were unable to attend the play. AND I posted an Edmodo poll asking students whether seeing the play had deepened their understanding of the Perseus story, Yes/No. All of this was pretty simple to put together - I'm really liking Edmodo - and most students were able to access it very easily.

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